Dojo Operators or Branch Chiefs from other Kyokushin organizations are always welcome to join IKO TATAKAI After Sosai Mas Oyama’s death many branches and dojos, for one reason or another, frequently find themselves to be discontent in the organization they are member of. A huge part of what is meant to be gained, and learned, from Kyokushin is the loyalty and dedication that one feels towards one’s sensei.

many branches have suffered in search of the right organization for them, that is, in search of that one great leader, like Sosai, who they can follow with all their heart. While all branches and dojos are invited to join IKO TATAKAI , those wishing to do so should consider that while we do consider ourselves to be an organization where many others can finally find their correct home due to the correct leadership style of Kancho Ghavam, we also regret to see anyone having to break ties with a lineage unless there is truly no salvaging of that relationship. So, yes, please consider yourself invited to join IKO TATAKAI if you have read thoroughly about Dojokun and Sosai´s elven moto, and if you feel drawn to do so. IKO TATAKAI is an organization with a specific mission, to fulfill Sosai´s way. If you’ve looked into IKO TATAKAI and want to join us, please join us.

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